Solar Panel Cleaning

How much difference does solar panel cleaning really make? Many people think that a layer of dirt and dust can’t do that much to affect the effectiveness of solar panels. However, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, dirt can reduce energy output by 25%! This means 25% more of your energy needs to come from electricity which doesn’t do your wallet or the environment any favors.

Dirty Panels: 

  • Lose efficiency and lifespan 
  • Reduce overall system performance
  • May cause permanent module staining
  • See a loss of return on investment
  • Affect your limited warranty

Regular Solar Panel Cleaning:

  • Ensures a maximum output
  • Maintains your warranty
  • Saves you money
  • Extends the life of your investment
  • Prevents permanent module staining
  • Gives you peace of mind 

We offer a residential solar panel cleaning service that cleans efficiently and with the utmost professionalism to protect your precious solar investment and keep your energy production optimal!

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